Our Partners

Woody Adventures: Nature Trails / Outdoor Camping / Outward Bound Education

Woody Adventures Inc.: This organization, established over two decades ago, take pride in its thorough understanding of the terrain and matching the requirements of adventure enthusiasts. The experienced, certified outdoor facilitators are warm, friendly and can be relied upon to conduct eco tours across age groups.

Our Earth is truly amazing as there is a humungous variety of ecology and culture.  In order for us to continue enjoying the wonders of the Earth, Woody Adventures Inc. strives to promote biodiversity conservation, protect the identity of regional cultures and make an economic contribution to the local community.

Woody Adventures allows the new traveller to experience the intrigue, adventure and achievement inherent in the journeys that continue to expand our understanding of the world we live in. Their adventure outfit offers terrestrial activities in and around Bengaluru. The Western Ghats, the coastal plains and the arid countryside around Bengaluru have many locations that invariably stimulate an adrenalin rush.Their Himalayan programs cover the eternal snow peaks of Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim, the culture rich splendour of Assam, Nagaland, Manipur, Meghalaya and the mighty mountains of West Bengal.

Outward Bound for children: We believe each child can be challenged to step beyond his or her own capacity. Stepping beyond includes personal growth and solidarity, developing self-sufficiency, trusting in new friendships, learning to be sensitive to the needs of others in the community, and opening up to new experiences. We help children set and meet goals in a safe, secure environment - whether they want to identify birds with admiration, climb with technique, or bike one more hill, Woody Adventures is the ideal place to find a safe, warm, friendly atmosphere and fun.

Woody Adventures has many activities for children aged 5 and above. Rock climbing, sport climbing, Himalayan trekking expeditions, skiing, cave walking, fort exploration, jungle hikes, camping overnights, micro light flying, parasailing, cross country cycling, and hill climbing are experiential activities thoroughly enjoyed by children.

We partner with Woody Adventures for our nature trails inside and outside the school, outdoor camping in school, outward bound education and offer this for classes I to X.

LXL Ideas for School Cinema

Ideas enable schools to impart lessons of life by creating unique, impact-led in-school and digital experiences for students, parents and educators. Ideas brands like School Cinema, Mentor Magazine, Mentor uni, International kids’ films festival (IKFF) and Krayon create a deep impact. Their research is led with a distinctive mix of film pedagogy, life skills, co-scholastic skills and talent development that enable real change.

School Cinema an LXL Ideas brand; is an innovative film-based learning module that reaffirms life skills & values for students, parents & educators. A first of its kind film-pedagogy is introduced as part of the school curriculum that supports social emotional learning, life skills development, mental wellbeing and social skills promoting future ready students.

School Cinema features specially curated, meaningful and diverse films for students on topics such as friendship, child safety, creativity and innovation, social justice and more.

We partner with LXL Ideas for School Cinema for Classes IV and V.

EFIL for Life Skills Program

This program stands for Education for Integrating Life, derived by spelling LIFE backward!

EFIL is an initiative with a clear direction to provide objective Life Education by designing and delivering concepts, services, and product interventions that help enable Evolutionary Excellence.

Dr. Sampath & Dr. Kalpana founded Arpitha Associates (www.arpitha.com) three-plus decades ago. Echoing the need of the participants to integrate Life education in school years marked the birth of EFIL.  EFIL’s main objective is to facilitate individual and institutional development by using a continuous clarification process of Vision, Values, and Learning. EFIL empowers the institution by strengthening its fabric through a program titled EQUBE. They address the decision-makers, principals, teachers, students, and the parent community.

We partner with EFIL to provide Life Education for Classes VI to X.

Grey Caps for Global Awareness Program

Greycaps is Asia’s largest onstage quizzing and knowledge services company. They are also the creators of the first and largest General knowledge program for schools in India with over quarter million children reading their books every year. The Global Awareness Program (GAP) strives to create, enhance and sustain awareness levels with respect to global happenings and current events, presently reaching over 1.5 million students across India.

Global Awareness Program (GAP)

  • Topical Learning: GAP has a unique system of covering content which has relevance to a particular month.
  • Structured Format: Information given in the books is represented in a very systematic and structured format.
  • Generationally Relevant: We recognise that students need information relevant to the changing environment.
  • Current Updates: All through the year topics are selected based on current happenings around the world.

We partner with Greycaps for providing a Global Awareness Program for Classes IV to VII.

Subramaniam Academy for Performing Arts (SaPa) for Music

SaPa, the Subramaniam Academy of Performing Arts, was started in 2007, to be the home for great music and musicians. The founders, legendary musicians Dr. L. Subramaniam and Kavita Krishnamurti Subramaniam have created a strong legacy of excellence in global music.

SaPa in schools is led by noted singer/songwriter Bindu Subramaniam and ace violinist Ambi Subramaniam, was founded in 2014. SaPa in Schools is an initiative to integrate music into the mainstream academic curriculum. Its aim is to provide music for all children, irrespective of background or circumstance.

SaPa in Schools works with over 30,000 students in India annually (as of 2019), through partnerships with schools.

We partner with SaPa for music understanding and appreciation for Classes I to V.

Educational Initiatives for Mind Spark / Asset / Detailed Assessment

Educational Initiatives believes in making a difference in education through personalised learning, ensuring that students learn by understanding.

Ei Mindspark- Maths is a personalised learning software that allows children to effectively advance at their own pace. Every day, Ei Mindspark delivers over 2 million questions, and the data collected is used to enhance the child's learning pathway.

Ei ASSET is a skill-based test that measures students' conceptual understanding and benchmarks the school’s performance at international, national & regional levels with actionable insights through easy-to-understand reports.

Ei’s Detailed Assessment is a unique assessment package scientifically designed to complement conventional assessments, thus allowing to identify gaps and act on them with empirical data.

We partner with EI for Mindspark (Classes IV and V) and Asset (IV to X) and Detailed Assessment (Classes VIII, IX and X).

The Hindu for Newspaper in Education

The Hindu is one of India’s leading national dailies. Its Newspaper in Education program aims to inculcate the newspaper reading habit among the students. Their special student edition covers a vast range of topics from current happenings, literature, science, sports to fun facts.

We partner with The Hindu for our Newspaper in Education program for Class VII.

The Promise Foundation for Career Counselling

We partner with Promise foundation, who deliver the career counselling program for our 10th grade students through their initiative by name JIVA. Jiva is a career guidance system developed for non-Western culture with particular reference to India. It was developed with the intention of bringing career and livelihood planning into the national mainstream.

It has reached about 60,000 students and youth in almost all parts of the country.

The program includes series of career related workshops conducted by our in-house counsellors, an aptitude test and comprehensive report generated by Promise Foundation.

We partner with The Promise Foundation for the comprehensive career report of our Class X students.

QShala for Quiz Clubs

QShala is a curiosity platform designed to inculcate a mind-set of continuous holistic learning in children and empower them with 21st Century skills. It designs unique curiosity-based learning experiences through quizzes, quests, and storytelling to develop a deep love for learning in children and prepare them for the rapidly changing world.

It has engaged over 5Lac+ children and worked with 300+schools across the world. QShala holds 2 Limca Book of Records for being the first company to conduct a quiz in Antarctica and all the continents of the world. It also runs South Asia’s Largest Family Quiz Community with over 50k+ families actively taking part.

QShala team facilitate the quiz hobby classes in Sri Kumaran Group of Institutions for interested students in quizzing and general awareness. The program is designed to spark curiosity and build critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills in children.

We partner with Qshala for conducting the Quiz club as part of our Hobby Class Programme for Classes VI and VII. They also conduct our afterschool Quiz programme for middle and high school children.

Reap Benefit for Creating Problem Solvers

Reap Benefit, a non-profit organisation, tackles and solves local environmental and civic problems concerning waste, water, energy, and sanitation, through low cost solutions, which are user friendly and require low maintenance. They usually engage with young school students as a part of their programmes, as they believe that armed with the right skill set, today's youth will be tomorrow's problem solvers.

Reap Benefit is an organization that works closely with young India citizens and provides them a platform to solve civic and environmental challenges by mentoring and empowering students across the country as solve Ninjas. Our school has been actively engaged with Reap Benefit since 2011.

Reap Benefit as an organization and their school programs evolve in tune to the needs of the learners and that of the society. Reap Benefit introduced the DISS technique: Discover, Investigate, Solve and Share. Students identify problems and make investigative studies to find solutions. Every year, Reap Benefit hosts the Solve Bootcamp for selected Solve Ninjas to take their ideas one step further and be the agents of change for the problems they find in their communities. We have several students who are guided by Reap Benefit mentors on community – related projects as an extended outcome.

We have partnered with Reap Benefit to offer after- school enrichment activities for Middle, High and Senior school students, club activity for Middle school students.

Edchemy for School Management Software

Edchemy, The most comprehensive education CRM platform. Trusted by 150+ education institutes across the world, EdChemy offers a world class digital platform that takes view of the entire education eco-system and offers features to manage institutions, engage in digital learning, communicate instantly and share information.

The robust, feature-rich, analytics-equipped, user-friendly Edchemy platform - built on a cutting-edge and flexible architecture - enables educational institutions to automate & streamline their functions and processes for both learning and administration, from prospecting to graduation.

Edchemy is a digital platform that provides a seamless experience for all the stakeholders. The school has partnered with Edchemy for managing school records including admissions, paperless concept which saves time & money, and is eco-friendly, assessments, teaching and learning resources. The portal is customized and updated to meet our students' requirements.

Edchemy makes the planning and logistics of transport for all the students and staff simpler. Teachers can take attendance, check students’ projects and assess online. Payment of fees, instant messaging and a user friendly platform that encompasses the entire school eco system, with a secure and integrated platform are some of the significant reasons we partnered with Edchemy.

We have partnered with Edchemy for our School management software for Classes I to X.

NVS Travel Solutions for School Transport

NVS Travel Solutions Company provides dedicated vehicles to our schools. Presently they are operating more than 100 buses to the Kumaran group of Educational Institutions. All their school operating vehicles are fitted with state of art technology enabled GPS devices to track and monitor vehicle movement and ensure timely arrival and departure.

Our on-ground staff handling children are given special training to take care of the safety of the children and make them comfortable. They conduct regular training for their ground staff and drivers on lane discipline, behavior and safety aspects, etc.  Training is also provided to lady attendants on board to take care of safety of each child, and to follow discipline and hygiene. Vehicle upkeep is done regularly with preventive maintenance.

We have partnered with  NVS Travel Solutions  for our school transport.

sCoolMeal for School Canteen

sCoolMeal is transforming kids’ nutrition through healthy, fun food for kids. This organization is all about creating the right nutrition experience for school kids through yummy, nutritious food options that are compliant with FSSAI’s #Eat right initiative. Pre-COVID SCool meal had active partnerships with over 60 schools and pre-schools. During COVID, they supported over 30,000 COVID warriors and 60 apartment complexes with COVID safe, hygienic, health appropriate meal options. LiL’Goodness, their parent brand is a best seller across e-commerce platforms and 800+ stores through its range of gut health friendly snacks for kids and their families. In this new beginning for all of us, SCoolmeal has partnered with the Compass group to create food experiences that kids love for great taste, endorsed by experts for balanced nutrition.  A wide range of healthy, mouth-watering food options, with new experiences that take care of all the “school” food needs of kids is offered every year.

We have partnered with sCoolMeal for canteen services.