To have their complete focus on learning, students need to have a conducive environment where they are comfortable. Classrooms are critical in facilitating the learning process. Our school's classrooms have been constructed with our pupils' comfort in mind. Classrooms are spacious, airy, and well-lit on all three floors of the school building. Each classroom has a green board and a bulletin board for displaying learning materials. We have furniture that is both aesthetically pleasing and ergonomically developed to aid the learner. Each student is given a locker to lighten the burden of carrying heavy bags to school.

IT Infrastructure

The two computer labs in the school have state of the art infrastructure. Each lab has 40 desktops to ensure each student gets a separate computer during classes. We have high-speed internet that aids teachers and students to keep abreast of latest developments with the click of a button. Apart from computer classes, our students regularly use these labs to complete their projects and presentations.


Hands-on activities help children learn better. Primary and middle school students work on science projects that are interwoven with theoretical learning and practised in our science labs. The school's physics, chemistry, and biology labs are well-equipped and follow the National Curriculum Framework. Aside from that, we use our labs for a variety of hands-on science activities to facilitate better learning.

Audio-Visual Rooms

Our audio-visual rooms are used by students and  facilitators to make presentations. It makes for a perfect space for group discussions, parent orientations, and workshops. These rooms also serve as seminar rooms. 


Our library, as a repository of knowledge and information, is a major draw for both students and instructors. It is a wide, open polygonal chamber in the main building's southeast corner, with large windows that let in plenty of light. That library has the feel of a peaceful retreat for readers. The library's two floors store about 8,000 volumes, which are updated on a regular basis to stay up with the times. The library is divided into two levels, with the reference section on the ground floor. The first floor features a comfortable seating arrangement for students to lounge and study. The neatly arranged books on the shelves also make it aesthetically pleasing. Fiction, nonfiction, languages, physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, physical education, philosophy, education, psychology, and religion are among the book genres offered in the library. As information resources, we also have dictionaries, encyclopaedias, journals, periodicals, newspapers, and numerous magazines. Grolier International, World Book, Dorling Kindersley, Time Life, Illustrated Encyclopaedias of Science and WildLife, Charlie Brown's Encyclopaedia for Children, and Child Craft are just a few of the encyclopaedias that may help students dive deep into the ocean of knowledge. History Encyclopedia, History of the World, and Time Warner Discovery Books are examples of specialised information books that are available in the library.

Art and Pottery

While we offer a variety of art lessons, we make certain that students learn in an environment that encourages creativity. The school has an ethnically themed pottery area where children in Classes I through III can take pottery classes. A kiln has been built to teach children about the many processes of clay modelling, and various pieces of art created by pupils are burned on the kiln and given to the children.

Sports Infrastructure

Sports and sports are an important component of our curriculum, and we have set aside space on campus to accommodate them. Our pupils at the junior and senior levels enjoy sports, and we have a concrete basketball court, a volleyball court, a cricket pitch, and a designated football area. The building's front and back yards serve as playgrounds. Our younger students are enthralled by a big sand pit and jungle gym set among lush foliage. Our sister school at Mallasandra, which is roughly four kilometres away from our campus, has a 25-meter swimming pool that meets global standards. Swimming is a compulsory activity for Classes III and IV and is carried out  at our sister school. Coaching is done by experts in the field. Inter class competitions are held regularly.

Lunch Services

Our school's canteen facilities are vital to school life and student experiences. Our cafeteria is located at the further end of the property in a lovely café-style building. During lunchtime, children can use the canteen for snacks or cooked lunch from SCoolMeal.Every day, the varied and appealing menu offers breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Children are urged to consume a well-balanced diet in order to engage in their learning and participate actively in class activities.

Safety and Security

The school has CCTV cameras throughout the campus, including the corridors. Security guards, fire extinguishers on each floor, boundary walls and school buses with CCTV cameras provide a safe environment for students. We meet all safety standards that schools in Karnataka are mandated to have.


If a student falls ill, they are directed to the school's first aid centre. It can provide basic medication and first aid. In case hospitalisation is required, they are admitted to a designated hospital with the approval of the parent. If a child feels ill and must be taken home, the school notifies the parents. A nurse is present on duty on all working days. According to CBSE requirements, parents must upload their child's health record, which includes facts about vaccines and a note about ailments, allergies, and other information. Every year, a basic medical check-up is conducted at the school, and parents are notified if more medical investigations are required.