The process of learning should be as far as possible a pleasurable one and not laborious” – MAHATMA GANDHI

The above quote is the guiding principle of the work that is done at the primary level (I to III) of Sri Kumaran Academy of Learning. The curriculum is made interesting by teachers. Children are not burdened with heavy school bags and a lot of homework. At the primary school level the emphasis is on learning right values and acquiring numerical and language skills. ‘Circle Time’ sessions provide children opportunities to understand the importance of values and of making the right choices. They learn to communicate with others and develop self-confidence.

In the initial stages, focus is on oral language development. Gradually other skills are integrated into the curriculum. Activity based teaching makes learning enjoyable. Children are taught pottery, drawing and craft that sharpen motor skills. Children of these classes do not have examinations.

Curriculum for classes I – III:

An integrated curriculum with emphasis on subjects is followed.

  • English, Mathematics, Environmental Science
  • II Language ( Hindi or Kannada)
  • Drawing and Pottery and other co-curricular activities.

Language Pattern in Primary School

All schools following Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) need to follow a three-language formula. The medium of instruction is English .Second language is also introduced in Class I. Third language is introduced in Class V.

A child studying in private CBSE schools studies Hindi only as a language and English is the medium of instruction to learn all other subjects.

Language Options:

  • I Language – English
  • II Language – Hindi/Kannada
  • The II language choices at Class I are either Hindi or Kannada.

Hindi has to be compulsorily studied as II or III language according to the CBSE directive.