Enrichment Activities give a spurt to the learning skills of a child. The child steps into an area of their interest, where creativity is unfettered. Enrichment activities throw open plenty of opportunities for the students, as a natural extension to their scholastic pursuits. It is this interest that sustains the enthusiasm of students to put their best foot forward, academics or otherwise.


School Magazine

Every year, the Students Editorial Entity of Kumarans (SEEK) brings out a magazine called “Gnanamanthanam”. Students across classes are encouraged to submit original works of art, creative writing which include poems and stories, reports. The articles in the magazine also cover all the activities that happened in the school, in that particular year. SEEK team members work closely with the faculty members and bring out an interesting edition at the end of the academic year. Students strive to put in their best efforts and use technology tools to a great extent. “Gnanamanthanam” makes a pleasurable read for all Kumaranites.

The cover page design competition is conducted for children of all classes. A panel of Judges selects the best entries and the best designs are used for the cover page of the school magazine.
The link for the current academic year e – magazine : https://fliphtml5.com/yqzbn/iaqu


Cover Page Design

The school encourages and provides opportunities to children to hone their creative talents. Apart from the art and craft classes and sending them for various activities outside school, the school believes in encouraging the artistic talents of children. Each year, we have a cover page design competition where children right from Class I to X can give collages, pencil sketches or colour sketches for the notebooks and workbooks. We try to choose design across classes and they appear in the books ordered for the next academic year. Children genuinely feel thrilled and elated to see their drawings on the notebooks used by their friends.



Education should integrate and harmonize body,mind and soul. Yoga practices are ideally suited to achieve this integration and harmony resulting in a whole brain and a holistic mind approach. They make the brain very efficient; memory and concentration become sharper, grasping power and ability to recall facts and figures increases.
Each class is so organized that the yoga practices takes care of all facets of our personality.
For example, we use asana for the body, pranayama for the mind and Yoganidra meditation for the spirit. This leaves the child’s body/mind complex in a state of equilibrium enabling him or her to function better.
For concentration of mind- In order to improve the capacity of the brain and the process of intelligence, the practice of meditation is employed involving concentration of mind on one object/point without allowing the child to think of other objects/thoughts. This makes the mind strong. This practice should however not last more than 5 – 10 minutes.
Breath and the Brain – This involves pranayama to balance their physical and mental energies. This practice should not last more than 5 – 7 minutes.
Relaxation and Visualization – This refers to 5 – 10 minute of Yoga Nidra and visualization of 15 or 20 pleasant objects. This helps in developing memory power of inner vision. Thus practitioners are able to see their thoughts in their mind space.



After School Sports
Team Coaching – The school has an interesting after school program in sports. This coaching programme is to identify children who are good in various sports and provide them opportunities to be part of the school team. Coaches within and outside the school train the students for various sports and they represent the school in various inter- school games, CBSE cluster meets.
Sports identified for school teams coaching
  • Volley ball for both boys and girls
  • Basketball for both boys and girls
  • Cricket for both boys and girls

Team coaching is offered to students from classes 5 to 10.Basketball and volley ball is taught thrice a week.

Students learn best by doing what they have learnt. Investigatory projects, scientific recording of observations,interactive science projects are some of the activities displayed during the science exhibition.



School Day
Varied themes, diverse talents, planning and execution of events, performing on stage in front of a huge audience are just some of the highlights of the school day celebration. Identifying talents in students and giving an opportunity to perform on stage is a challenging task. Teachers work tirelessly with the students and ensure enthusiastic participation in this gala celebration.
Investiture Ceremony

Head boy, Head girl, Captains and Vice captains of the four different houses are elected by students through online voting. The students are formally introduced to the school during the installation ceremony. Pinning of badges, followed by taking oaths make the leaders aware of the responsibility they have taken up for tenure of one year. During this ceremony, the members of the SEEK (Students Editorial Entity of Kumarans) are also introduced by the teachers. Leaders and SEEK members wear their special badges throughout the academic year.

Literary Fest
In the beginning of every academic year, all the students are encouraged to participate in the “Literary Fest”. Events and competitions include writing, debating, visual arts and fine arts. This caters to all skills and interests that children possess. Based on the performances and preferences, students are encouraged to participate in similar events offered during inter school fests.


External Examinations


National talent Search Examination (NTSE) is held both at State and National Levels at Class X. The examination is conducted in two parts, GMAT (General Mental Ability Tests) and SAT (Scholastic Ability Tests). Candidates who have qualified at the State level receive a scholarship for a period of two years from Karnataka State Students Welfare Fund. Students who qualify at the National Level receive a regular scholarship throughout their education and as a value addition; we provide them training taking the help of teachers and other professionals in the field. Each year we have good number of students qualifying at national level and receiving regular scholarships. Participation in this exam is not mandatory.


Assessment of Scholastic Skills through Educational Testing (ASSET) is conducted by Educational Initiatives across schools in the country.
ASSET is a diagnostic test which helps students improve their academic performance. ASSET measures gives a detailed feedback on the performance,skill-wise feedback highlighting strengths and weaknesses.


The Science Olympiad Foundation conducts examinations in various subjects. Performance analysis reports, certificates and scholarships are offered to students. The following examinations are conducted in the school for Classes IV to X

    • National Cyber Olympiad
    • National Science Olympiad
    • International Mathematics Olympiad
    • International English Olympiad

The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) conducts GREEN Olympiad project in India and abroad for students of classes VIII to X since 1999 which addresses the need for networking among the schools.
This exam is conducted by ‘Educating Youth for Sustainable Development Division’ of TERI. Participation in the ‘GREEN Olympiad’ is an excellent opportunity for students to put to test their Environmental Quotient.
Silver Zone Foundation is an International platform that is associated with over 3000 schools. Akhila Bhartiya Hindi Olympiad examinations are also conducted.