A classroom is primarily dedicated to teaching and learning activities and majority of the time is spent in a child’s day in school. The classroom attempts to provide a safe space where learning can take place uninterrupted by other distraction

The building has three floors and we have classrooms with adequate lighting and acoustics. The classrooms are large, ventilated with adequate windows, fans and light. Each classroom has a green board with bulletin boards across the rooms that aids in display of learning materials. We have ergonomically designed furniture that helps a learner. Lockers in each classroom bring down the burden of huge bags.



Our school has well equipped two computer labs with state of the art infrastructure. We have about 40 desktops in each of the lab. We are one step closer to a Green school for we have found that it reduces energy cost, environmental heat and noise.

The internet is a repository of information for easy reference and this is used extensively by teachers and students to keep abreast of latest developments. Students work regularly on technology to present academic projects.



Children learn better by doing.Hands on science projects are interwoven with theoretical learning and practiced in our science labs by primary and middle school students.

The school is well equipped with Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs, which adhere to the National Curriculum Framework. Apart from this, we use our labs to have varied hands on science activities. Our labs are equipped with the advanced experimental techniques which can later be used by the senior secondary students for their projects.


Audio Visual Rooms

These are used by the students and facilitators to make presentations. It is also ideal for group discussions and parent orientations and workshops too. We have Audio-Visual rooms that are also used as Seminar rooms.



Located on the southeastern corner of the main building is a large, airy polygonal room with many windows, illuminating the room with generous dollops of light. To say this room is the starting point of many journeys would not be wrong. This hallowed ground is the Sri Kumaran CBSE Library, a place where one can lose sense of time and place, lose one’s identity while travelling through the myriad scenarios and situations; identifying oneself with literature’s most famous heroes, immersing oneself in books of poetry and becoming privy to the world’s best guarded secrets by browsing through the tomes of encyclopedias.

The Library works on a 2 – tier system, the reference area brings situated on the ground floor. The first floor, with a very convenient seating, arrangement has students from classes 1 – 12 in specified Library periods eagerly lapping up the wares on the neatly arranged shelves all round.

The selection of books is done with care – stocks are upgraded continuously with the ever-alert library staff sometimes discussing with knowledgeable students to find out about popular tastes! The aim of the library is definitely to bring even the non-reader into its fold. The dog-eared books bear testimony to the fact that reading is still a favourite hobby in this age of the Internet;the eagerness with which children make a beeline for the library speaks volumes.

Helping the students to dive deep into the ocean of knowledge are the numerous series of encyclopedias – Grolier International, World Book, Dorling Kindersley, Time Life, Illustrated encyclopedias of Science and those of Wild Life, Charlie Brown’s Encyclopedia for Children and Child Craft. Specialized knowledge books include History Encyclopedia, History of the World and Time Warner Discovery Books. The number of books in the library exceeds 20,000 and it can be concluded that the student / book ratio is a good one.

The number of books in the library exceeds 10,000 and it can be concluded that the student and the book ratio is a good one – Borrowing facilities start from class I onwards and each child (IV onwards) can borrow 2-4 books. The school believes in addressing two long-term needs: inculcating the reading habit and teaching the tiny tots to manage the school property with ease.


Art and Pottery

The school has an ethnically designed pottery room where children of Classes I to III have their pottery classes. In order to help children know various processes of clay modeling, a kiln has been built and various pieces of art done by the students are burnt and given to the children.


Sports Infrastructure

Playing and physical exercise are vital to all. Children are exposed to different games at the junior and senior levels. A concrete basketball court and football court attract students to take up sports with vigour. Front and rear areas of the building have been utilized as playgrounds. A large sand pit, jungle gym amidst greenery excites the little ones. We have one cricket pitch, volleyball court and one basketball court

We have a 25 meter swimming pool conforming to global standards in our sister school at Mallasandra which is about 4 kms away from this campus. Classes III to IV have swimming as a compulsory activity. Coaching is done by experts in the field. Inter class competitions are held regularly. A pool for toddlers is available for small children.



We have a beautiful café style building as our cafeteria which is in the farther end of the building.

Children can use the canteen for their snacks or hot lunch during lunchtime from SCoolMeal. As a policy, we don’t sell aerated drinks of any kind and chewing gum. Children can avail the coupon system to buy their snacks or lunch or pay money for the same. Care has been taken to maintain hygiene and regular audits by the school is being done to improve the facility



The school has a first aid centre. If a child is unwell, teachers send the child to the Health Centre and basic medication and first aid is given. However if a child needs hospitalization, the child is sent to a designated hospital with the consent of the parent or if a child is sick and needs to be taken home, the school informs the parents. A nurse is present on all working days.

As per CBSE Board guidelines, parents upload the health record of their child which has details of vaccinations the child has been given, a note about known ailments, allergies among other things.

Every year, there is a basic medical checkup done in the school and if further medical investigations is required, a note is sent to the parents. It is the parent’s prerogative to take it up further.